Inspire Your Instagram

Learn how to grow your Instagram followers, increase engagement, get noticed by big brands and authentically build a loyal tribe with proven strategies!  


You’re here because you need inspiration – you need to INSPIRE YOUR INSTAGRAM!

...I GET IT! 

...I’ve been there before (if we’re being honest, I’ve probably been then more than once……ok twice… maybe 5 times, but who’s counting?!) And this is the exact reason I want to bring you to this course. Because I know what you're thinking...

  • It seems next to impossible to organically grow your Instagram following.
  • You've tried one thing after another to no avail.
  • You spend HOURS finding the perfect photo and it gets no engagement
  • You're not seeing growth, and ultimately you're not making money!

If you often feel like you're spinning in circles, constantly working on your Instagram growth without actually gaining followers, you aren't alone.  

But it doesn't have to be like this!

If you know me from Inspired Budget and we met on Instagram, that is by design.

​​​​Instagram is where I conduct my business helping thousands of real people with their real budgets. In fact, I even do a weekly REAL PEOPLE REAL BUDGETS segment! So I’m going to be REAL with you again right now...I tried and failed at Instagram until I discovered a formula that worked. And believe me, we met on Instagram well after I figured this out! (Again, I’m being honest here, my first followers were family and friends, so you found me after I discovered the secrets to Instagram success).

Fluke or Formula?

That is the question I had to ask myself! 

Was what I discovered a fluke? 

Was my success unique to me or could it be duplicated? 

Well, I shared it with a friend who had similar success. And then I shared it with a few colleagues to see what would happen. Do you want to know what happened? 

They also saw great success!!

Inspire Your Instagram

...Again, I get it!

...I was just like you! I'm a wife, mom, full time teacher, business owner, and my 2 kids keep me super active! Juggling all these things has its own challenges, but my Instagram business took off when I figured out the insider secrets that people don't tell you about. 

Since I’m just like you, and have been where you are with your business right now, I want to pull the curtain back on my exact formula for growing your Instagram account so that you can:

  • Grow your following
  • Increase engagement
  • Spend less time working on Instagram posts
  • Make more sales (without feeling sleazy)
  • Build a tribe
  • Understand your analytics
  • See an amazing amount of growth and support from your audience 
Inspire Your Instagram

Believe it or not, my Inspire Your Instagram method works reliably and consistently.

Myth: It takes years to gain a decent following on Instgram.

Fact: Inspiring your Instagram gives you a system to grow your following immediately.

Myth: I can't stand out on Instagram in my niche. I feel like a small fish in a big pond.

Fact: People want to hear from you! You just need the right strategies to reach them! Inspiring Your Instagram gives you these strategies!

Myth: I can't make money from Instagram.

Fact: You can make money from Instagram if you when you have a revenue plan to follow! Learn how to do this with Inspire Your Instagram!

What's Included In The Course...

Inspire Your Instagram
  • 4 Modules with both written and video content that focus on growing your following.
  • Over 55 mintues of video lessons, tips, and tricks
  • 13 focused lessons that are engaging and provide real solutions to help you reach thousands!
  • 11 PDF action plans to help you grow!
  • A year's worth of Instagram post ideas! (Who doesn't love making things simpler?!)
  • Special Bonus Resources that will help you take your Instagram to the next level!
Inspire Your Instagram by Allison Baggerly

This course is for you if...

  • You have a desire to reach a larger audience and grow your sphere of influence.
  • You have a small business or message to share.
  • You can be consistent and work a proven plan.
  • You seek authenticity and engagement with your followers.
  • You want systems and processes in place that take the guesswork and extra time spent figuring out what your next post should be.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You're not serious about growing your small business with Instagram.
  • You seek instant gratification that can only be bought with bots and fake followers.
  • You want followers, but no real engagement.
  • You don't see value in doing the work required and sticking with a proven system.
  • You're looking for a magic pill or to wave a wand and be an overnight success.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello! My name is Allison Baggerly and back in June 2017 I started my small business, Inspired Budget. I was a 5th grade math teacher at the time and I had a desire to work from home, play a bigger role in my children’s lives, and teach people how to budget. I would spend hours upon hours working on my business. There were times I felt like I was working 2 full time jobs. My ultimate goal was to replace my teaching salary and be able to work on Inspired Budget full time.  

For me, Instagram was a tool that I could use to reach more people. I had visions of building a tribe that I could support and truly help. I set up my Instagram profile and started with zero followers.  

Within less than two years I have grown my Instagram account to over 78,000 followers. I have a highly engaged audience who sends me messages, supports me by buying my products, and reads my weekly articles. Want to know the most amazing part?! I have been able to fully replace my teaching income and I will be able to leave my full-time job when the school year is over! YES! I did it! I set out to reach my goal and used Instagram to help me get there.  

And here’s where I tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! Am I guaranteeing you that you’ll reach 78,000 followers? Not at all. But the truth is that you don’t need 78,000 followers to reach your dreams! All you need is a truly engaged audience that looks forward to hearing from you.  

All you need are the strategies and actionable steps to make this work!  

And that’s what I’m here to offer you! I want to share my secret recipe for success so that you too can reach those dreams that others tell you are crazy. I want you to be able to go against the grain, build the life you want, and use Instagram to get you there!  

Allison Baggerly
I'm ready to go to the next level!

...But wait! There's more!!!

...If you know me, then you know I LOVE free things! That's why I've included some AMAZING bonuses just for you! Retail Value $450. Yours FREE in this Inspire Your Instagram Course.

  • 365 days of Instagram post ideas! That's right. I'm giving you an Instagram post idea for every day of the year! No need to rack your brain trying to squeeze out creativity. 
  • Media Kit Templates! As your Instagram account grows, you'll want to have a media kit to share with possible brands that you'd like to collaborate with. I've included 3 templates that are 100% editable so you can make it your own! I use these and have worked with brands like Uber, Airbnb, and Groupon!
  • Rate Sheet Templates! You'll also want to have a rate sheet for sponsored content. This bonus includes 3 templates that are 100% editable so you can make it your own! These have SAVED ME and made it easy to get to YES!
  • Business Budget Sheets! Of course I would include budget pages! As you build your business, you'll want to make sure that your finances are in order.
Inspire Your Instagram


This is the first time I’ve taken this course pubic, outside of my private mastermind group and colleagues.

For you action takers looking to Inspire Your Instagram and be a part of my first public offering...I’m discounting the price of this course by over 67% and all I ask in exchange is that you send me a review. Good or bad...I want to hear what you think and how it helps you!

My mission is to reach and teach people who want to grow their Instagram and small business. People who aren't afraid to commit to doing the work required. People who can stay consistent. People who want to build a tribe and supportive community. 

I offer this at only $97 this one time but I hope to surround myself with the opportunity to help people just like you!

Also, you are 100% protected when you enroll in the Inspire My Instagram course. Not only is your information completely secure, but you’re also protected by our 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

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