How To Pay Off Debt Even If You Don’t Make A Fortune

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  • Why paying off debt isn't about math...and what you need to do to pay off debt fast.
  • 3 Ways to get your spouse on board with budgeting and paying off debt...even when the last thing they want to do is talk about money.
  • The debt free plan that will help you stay motivated throughout the entire year (so you can finally pay off those student loans).
  • The 3 habits that will change the way you interact with your money so that you have a healthier relationship with your money.
  • The top reason people stop their debt free journey...and how you can be sure this doesn't happen to you!

I know how you feel...

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You feel like you're surviving month to month when it comes to your money, even though you make a decent income.

You've tried paying off debt before, but in the past, you got distracted and gave up on your debt free journey.

You're overwhelmed. You're kind of tired of arguing with your spouse about money. Why can't the two of you just get on the same page?

You feel like you'll never get ahead with debt payments or bills.

And let's be honest, as women, you're already spending all your mental effort with your are you supposed to focus on finances too?

Or maybe you've made progress with paying off debt, but you know you can do better. You have goals to become debt free, travel without guilt, and build wealth.

Don't worry you are not just aren't using the right strategy and system yet.

Hi there, I'm Allison!

Our family's journey started in 2011 when my husband and I found ourselves newly married, burdened with over $111,000 worth of debt, and unexpectedly expecting our first child.

We were overwhelmed and undereducated on how to get ourselves out of our financial mess. We decided that something needed to change...we wanted to become debt free.

During our debt free journey, I felt alone, frustrated, and even wanted to throw in the towel a few times. I figured we'd have debt forever. It was, as far as I could tell, the normal way to live.

But something deep down told me that I shouldn't settle for a life of car payments and financed vacations. Something told me that our family was meant for a better version of our life.

Over the next 4.5 years, we paid off over $111,000 of debt while growing our family. Looking back, I wish I had the guidance, system, and support of another woman.

That's why I created Inspired Budget. Inspired Budget is about coming together to help women take back control of their money and build wealth.

Inspired Budget is about letting go of the shame and guilt when it comes to our past money mistakes. It's about creating a life that gives women peace of mind about their finances once and for all.

Hope you enjoy the training,